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Executive Lounge

In August 2015, The Grenada Airports Authority (GAA) opened its Executive Lounge Services, offering all travelers the comfort and convenience of an airport lounge, regardless of class of travel or airline, with the common goal of enhancing the airport experience. 

The GAA Executive Lounge operates from 06:30 AM to 10:30 PM daily and is located on the Upper Mezzanine Floor of the Departure Hall at Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA).  The Luxurious air-conditioned Lounge caters for a maximum of thirty (30) guests.  Whether it is for business or pleasure, all passengers can enjoy the peaceful, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere of the Executive Lounge. Guests can enjoy reading newspapers and magazines and other amenities which include a large flat-panel television with cable TV. There will also be a self-service bar where guests can freely help themselves to cold and hot beverages, including coffee, tea, wine and beer.  Sweet and savory snacks will also be available.  Beverages and snacks are included in the fee for use of the facility.  



(All fees are VAT inclusive)

Executive Lounge Access Voucher
US$30.00 / XCD$80.00 for a three (3) hour stay.

Annual Individual Membership
(1 person, plus 1 companion)
US$500.00 / XCD1,350.00.

Fixed Rental
Lounge can be rented for special events / groups at a one off cost of US$400.00 /XCD$1,080.00 for three (3) hours.
An additional cost is applied for any additional security,janitorial, parking service etc. required.


• Wi-Fi / internet services.
• Beverages (alcoholic / non-alcoholic)
• Newspapers / magazines
• Telephone (local calls only)
• Cable television with news and sports channels
• Fax / photocopier
• Conference facilities
• Charging Center
• Digicel Charging Station
• Snacks inclusive of fruit

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