Waving Art Gallery Presents Selection from the Grenada Arts Council Permanent Collection

It is with great honour to present a selection from the Grenada Arts Council Permanent collection at the Waving Art Gallery through Grenada Arts Council’s partnership with Grenada Airport Authority.

“The creative expressions of a people are what represent it to the world”
– Peter Minshall, Trinidad.

This selection represents work that had been donated to, bought by or otherwise acquired by the Grenada Arts Council. It consists of work that makes up Grenadian art history. Each piece tells a story of Grenada from its own time and perspective. Our oldest pieces go back to the 1960’s and we are transported through interaction with the artwork to a different Grenada. Art has the power to allow us to time travel but also allows artists to affect their audiences going forward in perpetuity. This is a powerful element of our culture and history and we have to consider how we are developing our contemporary artists to be the voice of their own time.

The Grenada Arts Council is a volunteer, non-profit, organisation that works towards the development, education, and promotion of our local artists. We believe that this collection needs a home where young people, interested citizens, and visitors alike can visit this historical artwork and allow it to enrich and inform them. We are fortunate to be able to exhibit at the Waving Art Gallery but as we look to acquire new work and expand the collection, we hope to gather the momentum and motivation for them to be housed in a National Art Gallery. For inquiries about the collection please email

We hope you enjoy!

Asher Mains, President – Grenada Arts Council