MBIA Fact Sheet

Operated by
Grenada Airports Authority (GAA), constituted under the Grenada Airports Authority Act No. 9 of 1985.

Point Salines, St. George’s, Grenada. Seven (7) kilometers by road to and from St. George’s on the southern most point of the Island. It is adjacent to the Grand Anse area, which is the main hotel belt. The Frequente Industrial Park is 2 km away on the main road leading to and from the Airport.


October 28, 1984

The airport provides employment for approximately 249 workers directly employed with the GAA. The Airlines, Immigration, Customs, Shops and offices provide additional employment.

Operating Hours
6:00 am – 10:30 pm (1000 – 0230 UTC)
(Additional hours on request).

Time reference – UTC -4

Government Services
Customs, Immigration, Plant and Animal Quarantine.

Tourist Office
Situated left of the Arrival exit – landside, is a representative office from the Ministry of Tourism on hand to assist anyone seeking information on hotels, places of interest and generally requiring assistance.

The Runway System consist of two runways (10, 28) on one strip with both being LCN 86 asphalt surface.
The runways are equipped with airfield lighting systems for night operations.
They have a length of 2743 metres and 45 metres wide, an elevation of 12 metres situated within reference points:

Latitude 12° 00′ 15″
Longitude 61° 47′ 17″
It is constructed based on a design to accommodate Boeing 747- 400.

Air Navigation Equipment
Air navigation equipment installed at MBIA includes:

Runway lights, ICAO simple approach (300 metres) lighting system, NDB – PAPIS, DVOR/DME
Meteorological Services
Situated at the airport are the National Meteorological Services providing:

Weather observation.
Briefing and documentation for pilots.
Climatological Services.
Crash, Fire and Rescue
(CFR) – The airport operates at a Category 9 status with a limited marine rescue capacity.

Central Generating System
(CGS) – Houses electrical generating equipment, which acts a back up in the event of failure of regular power supplies.

Executive Hangar
Situated to the west of the ATB. It has its own taxiway and apron. However, it is now used for the Cargo hub operation of Amerijet Int’l Inc.

Car Parking
The public car parking lot is situated northeast of the ATB with easy access to the Terminal. It has a capacity of approximately 200 cars.

Fuel Tank Farm
The Fuel Tank Farm is operated by Chevron West Indies Ltd. and provides for AV JET and AV Gas fuel. Storage capacity: 100’000AG (AVJET); 10’000AG (AVGAS)

Air Terminal Building
(ATB) – Constitute the main building within the airport complex. The ATB has a total of 89,358 sq feet, featuring five boarding gates, two departure lounges, VIP and First Class Facilities

Shopping and Catering Facilities
The airport has a number of shops in the departure lounge and in the public concourse offering duty free liquor, perfume, jewelry, crystal, craft etc. Restaurant and cafeteria facilities are also available.
Airline catering service is provided by Goddards Catering (Grenada) Ltd.

The security unit is equipped with a modern X-ray scanner for the purpose of screening passengers and baggage entering the sterile area. The unit is also equipped with manually operated screening devices. CCTV is available. The Authority maintains a complement of full time security officers, together with the presence of officers from the Royal Grenada Police Force.

Main Airline Services
Schedule services: American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, British Airways, Liat (1974), Saint Vincent Grenada Air, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, JetBlue.
Seasonal services: Monarch Airlines, Condor, Sunwing Airlines, Delta Airlines.
Cargo services: Amerijet International
Air Courier: FedEx, DHL